Russian Homophobia: “Un-Censored”

Part of the purpose for this blog is to share things I come across which amaze me, both for negative and positive reasons. Today, I am sharing an excellent and jaw-dropping documentary by Channel Four’s ‘Dispatches’ series on the homophobic Russian ‘gangs’ which prey on Russia’s gay community.

I was genuinely taken aback by the documentary, and probably was quite naive in assuming prejudices, such as those expressed in the programme, had no place in a Westernised and developed country with similar ‘modern’ values and social frameworks as our own in Britain. What I found more alarming is how this explicit homophobia was indirectly supported and advocated by the Russian government, and how these individuals found backing by the Federally imposed, anti-LGBT law.

The Russian State’s oppressiveness on the expression of homosexuality in public is absurd, and I believe is contrary to the progression of our global community. Russia is a globally powerful, and significant nation, having hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics and is set to host the Football World Cup in 2018, yet we are faced with a situation where homosexual spectators cannot express their identities because of these archaic principles.

I urge you all to watch this documentary, but like I have said, it is very alarming and concerning that these atrocities occur under the nose of the government, with no legislative backlash against the perpetrators or any support for the victims.


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