The Far Right Vs Islam

Dear all,

This is my first post for my Opinion section, and it is regarding something I believe directly concerns the development of our British society: anti-Islamic rhetoric. 

International developments such as the emergence of ISIS and their merciless be-headings of journalists, alongside the very recent terrorist attack and shooting at Charlie Hebdo are loathsome without a doubt. However, my purpose in this post is to address the way Islamic prejudice in the Far Right is shaped by these events and how it has moulded into false conspiracies with an overtly ‘Islamaphobic’ agenda.

The Far Right has a history of capitalising on alleged threats to national stability, which often has cumulated in a grand conspiracy with its emphasis on the ‘other’. We witness it in the UK today, where the likes of the EDL exploit the existence of a single Pakistani paedophile ring and argue that Pakistani and Muslim men are therefore a direct threat to the well-being of Britain’s children… Repeated reference to conspiracies that the Shariah law will eventually govern GB similarly run parallel to these accusations, and I personally find these suggestions laughable. The emphasis on the behaviour of a minority to define the majority represents human intelligence at its most primitive. 

These racist outlooks have their own history, which is a significantly abhorrent history to be more specific. National Socialist hostility and concern with the threat of World Jewry during the 1920s/30s was a shared concept of the Far Right throughout Western Europe, yet today we dismiss these viewpoints as xenophobic and intolerable in our modern society. The alleged World Jewry was conceived as the undermining factor threatening for the broad spectrum of national life: religious and cultural unity, and economic stability. This vision was enacted in anti-Semitic events such as Kristallknacht and the Battle for Cable Street and isn’t so far from the way many of our contemporary ‘patriots’ view the Muslim communities in the West; the paintings of Nazi and Far Right slogans on French mosques following the recent events in Paris suggest these behavioural patterns are yet to reach their conclusion.

The comparisons are undeniable.

Is the fundamental extremism and hate espoused by ‘Jihadi John’ that different to the principles of our ‘home grown’ patriot Tommy Robinson? I am not so sure. The difference exists that ‘Jihadi John’ has a war zone for his fundamentalist dogma to explode upon; Tommy Robinson’s EDL is confined by the ‘politically correct’ British system, and clearly lacks the electoral appeal to go around cutting off peoples heads to win the hearts and minds.

But it raises the question: Would the likes of the EDL, BNP, and the NF push their prejudices beyond the limits of ‘peaceful’ protest rallies given the chance? 

(The privately, yet very evident, racism espoused by some of Britain’s Far Right would certainly suggest so).

The growth of these conspiracies from Islamic-orientated events, and their association with the principles of today’s Far Right activists is alarming and raises concerns how these principles will evolve. How can a modern multi-cultural society far more educated than that of the Brown or Black Shirts of the last century still channel racial outlooks through anti-Islamic marches in Bradford? How does the contempt felt towards  the actions of a select few individuals multiply to justify open Islamic racism?

This post fails to encounter the racial slurs or discrimination which occur in different countries, and societies globally today and in no way is this post designed to place anti-Islamic racism as superior to any other form of discrimination. I purely wish to share my opinion on the narrow-minded expressions of the British racist classes, just in the same way our proud Chelsea fans in the Parisian subway shared theirs. But that is a whole other ball game.

If you are unfamiliar with the reality of the current Far Right in Britain, take a look at this documentary by channel 4: Angry, White and Proud.


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