“It was only a matter of time”: America and the Ukraine


Just a short post today, but having surfed VICE earlier on I came across this short documentary regarding the divisive conflict in Eastern Ukraine which I thought I should share with you.

I am particularly keen to keep up with the developments of this conflict simply out of my avid interest in the potential consequences if the violence were to escalate, and how this may manifest itself into a new, Cold War-like era.

The sanctions and criticism Russia faces over its alleged involvement in supplying the Ukrainian rebels both with arms and men has certainly renewed an East/West tension and an internal strengthening of NATO. Could the Ukraine have had assistance differently? Such a move by the U.S will undoubtedly antagonise Putin who will view it as an act of American interference in the region, or even as an act of aggression. The military assistance from such a small number of troops is arguably a drop in the Ocean in relation to the assistance the U.S could really provide, but there is a strong likelihood that Moscow will welcome this military aid with absolute outrage.

Maybe not the smartest move from the Obama administration?

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