Reviewing Channel 4’s Investigation into ISIS Sympathisers

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a documentary on here but I need to draw your attention to a programme I found on ‘4 On Demand’ titled, ‘ISIS The British Women Supporters Unveiled’. Now if any programme is going to inspire me to take ten minutes out of my day to preach about why you should watch something, it would be this one.

The documentary, as alluded to by the title, involves an investigation into female British ISIS sympathisers who actively preach to Muslim women the wonders of the Islamic State and the murderous activity of the British government.

These women had a substantial Twitter following, and the journalist investigating the group was able to gain access to their groups through her own pretension as a Muslim with strong Islamic State sympathies. Aisha, the undercover journalist, indicated her interest in travelling to Syria and was within days contacted by other radicals who were able to organise the trip – this is one of the most alarming issues raised in the documentary, highlighting just how active radicalisation is on social media and how easy it can be to arrange an exit plan to the Islamic State territories.

Anjem Choudary

The footage of the radical Twitter-mongers at a protest in London shed some irony over their extremist declarations. The denunciation of David Cameron and British democracy as the antithesis to the Koran was the first blatant example of hypocrisy. Now, I am no Conservative nor do I champion Cameron’s politics; but I do not reject British democracy so aggressively using the single most commendable democratic premise of freedom speech, to disseminate such a threatening message against the government.

The preachers later went onto criticise the Cameron’s government for waging war on the ‘Holy Warriors’ of the Islamic State and for causing the oppression of Muslims in the region. Again, the Iraq war was a disaster and shamefully the British government has adopted foreign policy initiatives that have not been favourable to the Muslim community generally. Our current alliance with Saudi Arabia is indefinitely thwarting attempts to considerably undermine the Islamic State.

But One needs to be honest. How ‘Holy’ are these ‘Warriors’ who marry numerous women against their will? Who actively participate in the raping of adolescent girls and repress any expression of female identity? These preachers are perversely advocating support for a regime that would deny all of their liberties in the UK, including the ability to preach. They exploit the democratic avenues of this country to promote a radical Islam which refutes any democratic incentive as contrary to the Koran.

Muslim protesters
Using democratic means to criticise democracy.

Now I don’t want to give too much away in terms of what the documentary actually reveals about these groups. I personally found it insightful but also extremely worrying that these circles exist and are able to espouse such a dogmatic interpretation of the world onto younger members of the British Muslim community.

I should definitely praise, however, the excellent example of investigative journalism and the sheer courage Aisha displayed throughout the twelve months infiltrating this ring of extremists; I felt genuinely anxious at times when she participated in the groups led by the Twitter activists who were drastically hostile to undercover journalists infiltrating their circle. I certainly would have struggled to cope one day in such a challenging and vulnerable position, let alone a whole year.

Here is the link:

I’d be interested to hear your comments on the documentary as always so comment below. I’ve just attached my Twitter feed to the blog, so have a follow and tweet me your thoughts!


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have come across an article I wrote looking into the role of female terrorism which I found very appropriate when watching this documentary. If you wish to have a read, here is the link to the page:

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