A World Affair‘ may seem like an ambiguous slogan to a webpage containing a collection of articles on random and irrelevant ‘worldy’ information. But that is not my plan. 

This blog’s agenda is to highlight how contemporary international events have paramount significance in the way our lives are shaped and constructed. Our world is diverse and includes intricacies and peculiarities which I hope this blog will highlight through my own interpretation on the global matters which construct our day to day lives. 


I am a 20 something year old History graduate who is embarking on a career in teaching. I hope you are absorbed by my work on here, or if you are not, give me a challenge and comment with your alternative view! 


Yours sincerely, 


P.S I have recently become a contributor for http://www.shoutoutuk.org/ so keep an eye out for any publications on there and share at your pleasure!



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