Debating the Arab Spring

“This house regrets the Arab Spring” was the statement presented to me this evening during a debate hosted by my university. I initially thought this was a strange assertion, since what could possibly be wrong with the Arab Spring that one could ‘regret’ its occurrence? I soon came to realise that actually, this was more divisive than I had initially expected: … More Debating the Arab Spring


I’m currently in Morocco staying in Marrakech so I apologise for the lack of activity on here! Marrakech is an absolutely crazy place and the Moroccans never seem to sleep… The souks and the market stalls are jam packed with traders and you certainly can’t fault their enthusiasm despite the 35° heat! Here are just … More Morocco

Debating the Integrity of Torture: Guantanamo Bay

The opening of Guantanamo Bay in 2002 was a momentous juncture in the War on Terror which followed on from the catastrophic attack against the World Trade Centre, otherwise known as 9/11. The operations conducted at Guantanamo Bay even during its initial years have invited controversy and widespread suspicion at the legality surrounding the treatment of the detainees held … More Debating the Integrity of Torture: Guantanamo Bay

A Moral Perplexity: Deporting Britain’s Afghan Refugees

When Western coalition forces invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 due to the Taliban’s offer of sanctuary for Osama Bin Laden, the Afghan population was compressed between the Taliban’s brutal theocracy and British and American promises at democratic freedom; to be seen to co-operate with the invaders meant certain death, but to comply with the Taliban also … More A Moral Perplexity: Deporting Britain’s Afghan Refugees

Shout Out UK

I’ve recently become a writer for an  independent news platform called Shout Out UK. It is predominantly for students interested in journalism and are keen to get some of their materials published more professionally. My articles on my Shout Out profile are very similar to my posts on here, with hopefully just a little more … More Shout Out UK

A Response to Tony Blair: “Iraq Did Not Cause 7/7”

Tony Blair is a man that has gained a reputation comparable and equally as divisive as Margaret Thatcher. He has certainly become one of Britain’s most contentious Prime Ministers of the past decade and was the acting PM at the time of the 7/7 bombings. At the time of the attack, Britain was engulged in a … More A Response to Tony Blair: “Iraq Did Not Cause 7/7”

“Don’t Let Them Win” – The Fate of Tunisian Tourism

The terrorist attack at the Tunisian resort of Sousse on Friday which has left 27 confirmed deaths, mostly British, has been suggested by government officials and terrorist experts as the most significant attack against Britain since 7/7. The attack like so many other recent terrorist atrocities reflects a main feature of contemporary terrorism: spontaneity. The … More “Don’t Let Them Win” – The Fate of Tunisian Tourism